Revisit one of the exercises on daylight, artificial light or controlled light from Part Four (Ex 4.1, Ex 4.2 or Ex 4.3) and develop it into a formal assignment submission. The submission requirement for this assignment is a set of between six and ten high-quality photographic prints.

There are many ways to edit and the most valuable one is probably to show your work to friends, family and your OCA peers for feedback – you are guaranteed to discover something new in your work. Another tip is to pin the work up on the wall and live with a for a few days. ‘A Quick Guide to Editing Your Photo Series using Stickies’ on the IPO (Invisible Photographer Asia) website, but bear in mind that this is not a narrative assignment – you’re not required to produce a story.

EDITING 101 – A Quick Guide to Editing Your Photo Series using Stickies

Assessment of photography in any context is an assessment of images and accompanying words so please Include a written analysis of your work outlining:

  • how you have developed the assignment from the original exercise in Part 4
  • which practitioners you’ve looked at for inspiration and how their work has influenced you
  • your technical approach and any particular techniques you incorporated
  • the strengths and weaknesses of particular photographs and your project as a whole (self-assessment)Conclude your notes with a personal reflection on how you’ve developed the exercise in order to meet the descriptors of the Creativity criteria. Write 500–1,000 words.


DGA505268 The Flight into Egypt, 1609 (oil on copper) by Elsheimer, Adam (1578-1610); 31×41 cm; Alte Pinakothek, Munich, Germany; De Agostini Picture Library; FRENCH PUBLISHING RIGHTS NOT AVAILABLE; German, out of copyright

Lesser Ury Hochbahnhof Bülowstraße

Tom Paiva

Todd Hido

Jeff Brouws

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